October 31, 2023

Rural Communities Are Important to Nevada Donor Network’s Mission

Written by: Kelley McClellan

More than 46 million Americans (about 15% of the United States’ population) live in rural areas of their state, according to the most recent census data. The challenges of healthcare in these areas highlight the need for additional attention and resources aimed at serving their needs. Rural communities benefit from improved public healthcare programs that support better access to a variety of services. This is why, whenever possible, our team attends their health-related events, shares educational content about our mission and builds partnerships no matter the geographical location. Nevada Donor Network believes that every Nevadan deserves the opportunity to become a heroic organ, eye and tissue donor if this is their wish at the time of their passing.  

We would like to share a few examples of how these outreach efforts directly impact our mission to save and heal lives. 

In August, we traveled to Hawthorne, Nevada to visit the Mineral County Sheriff’s Office where we had the privilege of honoring three staff members. They were a part of the dispatch team (Jim and Lilly) along with Seargent Boyles. Their support of our mission allowed us to honor the wishes of one family who chose donation for their loved one. We are grateful to Sheriff Ferguson and Mineral County for allowing us to visit for such a special occasion and honor their support of our mission.

Mineral County

At the end of 2022, our team visited the City of Kingman Fire Department to share our gratitude for the role they played in giving a grateful recipient a second chance at life. Their efforts allowed a heroic donor to be transported to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center for a higher level of care. After it was determined that lifesaving measures were unsuccessful, the Kingman Fire Department helped our team locate the heroic donor's loved ones. These lifesaving actions meant that someone desperately waiting for their second chance via a liver transplant was able to receive the ultimate gift. 
At the beginning of June, a night shift nurse at Pershing General Hospital in Lovelock, Nevada sent a notification to our call center. The hospital’s support of our partnership and this one phone call meant that we were able to honor a heroic donor’s wishes to give the gift of healing and sight to someone else. We are incredibly proud of how much this partnership has grown, which is a shining example of why rural community partnerships are so important to our team. 
Lastly, we want to highlight a partner that truly shows up to bring awareness to organ, eye and tissue donation. People who live in rural areas often mistakenly believe that they won’t be able to be heroic donors. Together, with Sonoma Funeral Home located in Winnemucca, Nevada we dispel that myth with their help. Their caring staff works directly with our team to ensure that our timeframes for tissue and ocular recoveries can be met. Their dedication to our mission is truly appreciated. Many organizations just like them ensure Nevada Donor Network can reach everyone who would like to leave behind a legacy of hope. 
Nevada Donor Network is the only Nevada based organ procurement organization and we take pride in serving our Nevada strong community. We believe Nevadans are brave, Nevadans are heroes and Nevadans save lives. We will continue to serve all Nevadans who would like to give the ultimate gift. For more information, visit www.wearenevadans.org