September 6, 2022

We Are Nevadans

Written by: Monica Myles

This year, our team created a new campaign, which you may have seen throughout the community, entitled, “We Are Nevadans.” It was developed to create awareness surrounding organ, eye and tissue donation while encouraging Nevadans to register. By simply sharing the many amazing qualities of Nevadans, it showcases how our beautiful state is full of incredibly giving individuals. What are a few words that come to your mind when describing them? Our team felt adjectives such as brave, generous, giving and selfless are just a few.

Donation is a highly coordinated effort that requires cooperation, expertise and support from a variety of professional organizations. Doctors, emergency responders, nurses, coroners, hospices, law enforcement, medical examiners and funeral homes, all have an important role to play. Currently, we have established partnerships with over 100 community-based partners. We believe that daily collaboration, education and mutual respect fosters a pro-donation culture throughout the state. Not only do we provide this type of support, but we also go above and beyond by providing supplies and resources to strengthen their efforts.

Why is this so important to us? Every conversation matters. No one knows what tomorrow holds and when one person says ‘YES’ to organ, eye and tissue donation, they have the opportunity to save the lives of eight others through organ donation and heal and enhance the lives of 75 or more through tissue donation. About 62% of our state is registered to leave a legacy behind through organ, eye and tissue donation. The national average (state by state) is 54%. Nevadans have the heart to make life possible.

Who does this impact? Over 100,000 Americans are waiting for a lifesaving gift of an organ transplant which includes more than 600 Nevadans. The need is real to so many. Unfortunately, for some waiting, the gift of life and a second chance doesn’t arrive in time. An average of 17 Americans pass away each day waiting. The need continues to grow because every nine minutes another person is added to the National Organ Transplant Waiting List. Nevada Donor Network is proud to serve our community as the only organ procurement organization (OPO) headquartered in Nevada. Our family, friends and loved ones are directly impacted by the lack of transplantation services offered in our state. They need us to move the needle forward and change the medical landscape for organ transplant recipients in Nevada. We are Nevadans for Nevada. Through efforts like our Foundation’s campaign to “End the Wait”, we plan to increase transplantation opportunities within our state. Professional leaders of all types are working together to make this dream a reality.


We kicked off the campaign in Northern Nevada and shared it with our partners during a recent open house in our newly enhanced Northern Nevadan headquarters. From celebrating and networking with our current and future partners, to unveiling the photographs and stories of the heroic donors we serve; it was a wonderful evening illustrating the growth our team continues to have. We are Proud Nevadans, join us at: