December 16, 2022

Why Do You Need a Donate Life Specialty Plate?

Written by: Kimberly Flores

There is no better way to showcase your support of our mission than driving around every day with an organ donor license plate from the Nevada DMV. Not only does this allow you to proudly share your connection to organ, eye and tissue donation, but it also gives you the opportunity to give back in another way. How? The funds benefit the Nevada Organ Donor Program. This program brings awareness to the importance of registering to be a hero, maintains the database of registered Nevadans and more.  

The only way that this specialty plate will continue to be available in Nevada DMVs is if we maintain a minimum number of active plates! To inspire you, here are a couple of our favorite stories about why other Nevadans chose to get their custom specialty plate: 

Meet June, a living kidney donor and Advocate for Life with Nevada Donor Network. June chose this plate to honor the gift of life and hope she gave to her older brother. She shared, “My license plate is a fantastic way to get the word out to our community about the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation. My family has firsthand experience with its impact. I am a living kidney donor and only have one kidney because I gave the gift of life to my brother. It reads, “1KDNE,” which means 'one kidney,’ because I only have one. My wish is that Nevadans see a living kidney donor driving around, leading a normal life, and will become inspired to be a hero too. It is so amazing when someone registers to be a hero. They can save up to eight lives through organ donation and enhance the lives of many more through tissue donation. My whole goal is to get people talking. When car(s) behind me try to figure out what my license plate says, I hope it starts a discussion in their car.”
 June 1-1
Another one of our favorite inspirational stories comes from a double lung recipient and Advocate for Life, Terri. Terri chose this plate to honor the gift she received and the heroic donor, Maria, who gave her a second chance at life through her lungs. She shared, “When I was able to drive again after my transplant, my husband took me to a Chevrolet dealership, and said “choose a car!” I picked a ‘red hot’ 2017 (brand new) Camaro RS. When it was time to get my plate, I asked my son, Ryan, what it should say that illustrated my transplant journey. His first thought was breathe, written as ‘BRTHE.’ This embodied my ability to live my life breathing on my own because of my heroic donor, Maria. My hope is that sending out this message to those I drive by will inspire them to become an organ, eye and tissue donor. A lot of people stop me and ask about my plate, which brings forth this opportunity. I’m a grateful and proud double lung transplant recipient! Watch out for my Camaro because this girl is living her BEST TRANSPLANT LIFE.” 

Terry 1
Are you inspired to get your organ donor plate next time you’re at the Nevada DMV? Learn more here and purchase your own to keep our specialty plate active!